Candice Jacobs is an Artist & Lecturer of Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University, currently based between London and Nottingham, UK.

Using her practice as an autobiographical exploration of what affects the development of our individual and collective consciousness, she creates works that investigate how our sense of Self is shaped by the cognitive immaterialisation of production.

Although Jacobs will often place herself within her work through the use of her voice; her body; her handwriting; her thoughts via Twitter; her personal connection to the world via Astrological or Spiritual translations; or the choice of materials used in the creation of her sculptural, architectural and social interventions; it is the audience that becomes the main protagonist for the work, whereby without the viewer there is no activation or space for reflection.

Jacobs is also the co-founder of; EM15, a partnership between The New Art Exchange, QUAD, Beacon Art Project and One Thoresby Street in Nottingham -; The New Midland Group, a partnership between the artist-run spaces One Thoresby Street, Backlit & Primary in Nottingham -; One Thoresby Street, a collective of artists, art spaces and studios -; Moot, an artist-run gallery -; and most recently a member of the Near Now Studio, a pilot programme funded by Arts Council England, The Knowledge Transfer Network and Innovate UK - where she developed Sweet Talk -