Pleasure Voyage

SYSON, Nottingham
27 September - 23 November 2013


PLEASURE VOYAGE is a collection of new work by Candice Jacobs. This solo exhibition at SYSON explores the role of gender in the space between work, leisure, escapism and capitalism.

Featuring film, performance and installation, Pleasure Voyage examines the ultimate in feminine aesthetic and nostalgic design through scalloped bikinis, Ibiza Chill Out albums, marble and gold and the neon glare of the spa experience.

A pleasure voyage is the traditional name given to a holiday made upon a cruise ship. At the birth of capitalism and international trade, and often referred to as women or with a feminine allure, cruise ships were seen as a supreme power and a driving force. As a social utopia or travelling city they combined a work and leisure dynamic, attempting to blur the divide between class and wealth. Often these ships would conduct ‘nowhere voyages’ where passengers would travel on water for a set duration without stopping. Encompassing the sense of repetition which undoubtedly takes place on these ‘travelling hospitality suites’, Pleasure Voyage reveals a certain aesthetic that occurs within a gendered paradise, where entertainment and relaxation are the main objectives.


Golden Sunrise on www.sleepingupright.com



Pleasure Voyage was supported by an online exhibition on Sleeping Upright, curated by Candice Jacobs and featuring:

Laura Aldridge
Gabrielle Beveridge
Josephine Callaghan
Kitty Clarke
Candice Jacobs
Mel Nguyen
Zoe Williams

Sitting alongside Pleasure Voyage, the online exhibition, Golden Sunrise takes it name from a cruise ship used to provide office parties and corporate events.

Her lower saloon is fully carpeted with an oak bar giving a sense of luxury and sophistication. Whilst her spacious upper deck lends it self to more informal entertainment where your can enjoy music and dancing and venture out through sliding glass doors onto an extensive sundeck.

Each artist involved in Golden Sunrise will create new work that will take over the Sleeping Upright & PAMI websites for an 8 hour period between 18 -22 Sept 2013.

Sleeping Upright (www.sleepingupright.com) is an online project by Candice Jacobs.