Hi, I’m Candice.

Before I moved to London in 2016 where I currently teach across the BA & MA Fine Art courses at Central St Martins & Chelsea College of Art, I used to live and work in Nottingham where I was an Associate Lecturer on the BA Fine Art course at Nottingham Trent University for around 10 years. I was also extensively involved in working collaboratively with many different people curating exhibitions, running artists spaces, building studios, galleries, festivals and online projects.

For a number of years I have been exploring concepts associated with cognitive capitalism, the precarity of consciousness, the meaninglessness of aspiration, the seductive use of capital and gender and the subjective side of social becoming via the transformation of the collective soul.

I use exhibition making alongside the production of moving images, objects, immersive environments and electronic music irl and online, that support and develop individual and collective ideas that explore how our sense of self is shaped by habitual and subconscious modes of production, influenced by technology.

I believe that work, labour and leisure act as segments of social life that shape the ultimate desires of the human condition. We must understand how we can become most “ourselves” within a pre-determined system of ideals, and what psychic and emotional investments we are contributing to systems that shape the core of our identity.