Welcome, sit back, relax, get comfortable and step into this seductive whirlpool of healing. An incessant movement of symbols, repeating and looping around in a vortex of cognition. A reality just out of reach, a new dimension dissolving the self into a distant point of connection that sits somewhere between a massage and a tax return; a TV gameshow and palm trees in the office; crystals, stone circles and pyramid structures; ASMR, screensavers and the stars.

We can spiral downwards but at some point we have to come up for air.

Inhale the future, let go of the past.

Better out than in.

Regurgitated emotions puked up as confusing moments of realness allow you to enter into weirdly chaotic moments of stillness, nothingness, meaning and meaninglessness that you're left with after intense moments of reflection and introspection.

Expectations can be thrown out of the window.

Aspirations and dreams make no sense.

The ether is where it's at, a reality where you don't exist, where they don't exist, where you're floating around like a ball of energetic fluid attracting and colliding into other forms of mass, like someone's just slapped you round the face at your own party cos they don't like you dancing on your own table.

Making sense of it all, extracting the data or using the currency, smoking the substances and drinking the blood of control whilst pissing out the truth, makes some attempt at living in and on, beneath and above the systems of habit we've grown so accustomed to.

Take this, this'll make you see a different way of looking at it, climb in, close your eyes babes, you can trust me, I'll guide you as a formless amalgamation of all the women in my life and eventually we can leave together, stronger and more aware of how ridiculous this all is.