A votive offering or votive deposit is part of a practice where one or more objects are surrendered without the intention of recovery or use, they are generally made in order to gain favour with supernatural forces or in the anticipation of a particular wish. Homa is a Sanskrit word that refers to a ritual where offerings are made into a fire.

The marks in white quartz sand have been made using the limitations of my body, drawing with an Amethyst crystal wand, Amethyst being both mine and my mother's birth stone.

The neon symbols say the words 'self', 'seductive', 'centered' and 'yet' written in my mother's shorthand, a tool she would use when she used to work as a secretary, and one that I explored with her throughout her slow deterioration and eventual death from dementia, depression & Cancer. I deem shorthand to be the ultimate feminine aesthetic. A language invented by men predominantly for use by women to make men be productive int he workplace. Yet, it is a secret, coded and intimate language, only to be translated by the person that's written it.

The secretary was the pre-cursor to the computer, a physical feminine computer-counterpart and one of the first digital tools found in female form, a concept that sits in many homes today as a virtual assistant such as Amazon's Alexa.