Ideal, vague or hazy is a multi-media installation that focusses energy into 3 interactive architectural interventions/chill out areas with UV pyramids, white quartz sand and virtual reality videos that, when entered, embeds you within a symbology that focusses on a moving, text based script with screensaver vibe, presenting language that discusses the astrological alignment of our current positioning - connecting us to the rising of both Saturn (that represents the power of self-control) and Jupiter (representing the power to expand); on the night of the 22nd June - and our positioning in relation to our new virtual location - that of being inside a constructed space of ancient origin, an astronomical observatory used for trade, exchange, ceremony and collective ritual, whilst simultaneously, being inside an old/new/new-build/strategy for the regeneration of an under represented area of the city/London borough of culture/Thai restaurant in Walthamstow.

These energy centers create a space of unity, a space where we encounter illusion, delusion, dependence and ruin… moving us into new whirlpools of healing. An incessant movement of symbols, repeating and looping around in a vortex of cognition. A reality just out of reach. A new dimension dissolving the self into a distant point of connection.

To view 360 video please click HERE