THE COLLECTIVE SELF, 2016 - ongoing

Concept and Prototyping commissioned by Near Now, Nottingham

(3d scanned lipsticks from participants in the sweet-talk.me project, 3d printed brass, velvet bag, to be carried by the curator or Director of the exhibition space for the exhibition in which they are included)

‘The Collective Self’, a collective self portrait and networked piece of sculpture that tracks the continuous development of the content generated from conversations around Jacobs’ research, embedding this knowledge into a static and finite set of 3d printed Talismanic objects.

With contributions from participants in Sweet Talk’s first chapter, ‘The Achatic Rites’ that took place in Nottingham in 2016 as a commission from Near Now in Nottingham.

Contributions from:

Patrick Goddard
Penny Rafferty
Jake Kent
Kris Lemsalu
Lisa Gates
Kei Kreutler
Carina Namih
Erica Scourti
Alicia Mersy