Near Now, Nottingham (commission)

(making public my reserach as a series of curated performances, talks, screenings, discussions, sculptures, interventions, and podcasts)

‘Sweet Talk: The Achatic Rites’ was structured to coinside with the New Moon of the 1st October. The New Moon brings about a time to begin new projects, initiate new contracts, make new connections and forge new relationships, partnerships and business transactions.

Drawing on concepts from shamanism, astrology, rituals, language, rave culture and conversation, this project explored a need to develop a new system of self-care. Linking divinatory systems to the evolution of technology from ancient civilisation to the present moment, the event explored the genuine potential for the personal and social transformation of the group, while drawing out the tensions between the commodification of spiritual traditions and the construction of identity.

For more information please visit the website: sweet-talk.me