Sleeping Upright is an online exhibition space set up to interrupt and punctuate the space between you and the internet.

Using the homepage, artists are invited to create new work that connects to modes of display and the experience and connection between the internet and boredom, value, repetition and meaning.

The online space launched with Reception Area an all female show that changed every day between 24 May – 2 June 2012 featuring:

Elena Damiani
Karin Dolk
Anna Ihle
Leslie Kulesh
Rose O’Gallivan
Beatriz Olabarrieta
Hannah Perry
Clunie Reid
Samara Scott
Lucy Woodhouse

Reception Area sat alongside the Mika Rottenberg exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary and was also on display in The Study at Nottingham Contemporary.

Accompanying the online exhibition two exhibitions were sited at One Thoresby Street :

The ground floor gallery featured the work of 5 artists who designed Artist Holding Pages for the Sleeping Upright website:

Simon Davenport
Bryan Dooley
Candice Jacobs
Fay Nicolson & Oliver Smith
James E Smith

The Attic played host to a selection of curatorial online projects that resonate with Sleeping Upright:

bazandchaz.com with a new commission from Martin Cole

blackargos.com with a new installation by Majed Aslam and Chris Barr

itsourplayground.com with an online exhibition and a new commission from Aurelien Mole

pyramidd.biz with site specific collaborative work from Yves Scherer, Nigel Dunkley, Lauwrence Leaman, Jonny Aldous, Berry Patten

re-run.net a daily changing exhibition of looped video works in the gallery and on-line from Thomas Hardiman, Simon Mathers, Henrik Potter, Elizabeth Price, James Richards, Dominic Watson

To visit the project pleas click here

For enquiries please email: info@sleepingupright.com